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We have a common interest and goal: providing residents’ with exceptional care while facilitating a healthy active and happy community.  We want to be able to strengthen your company’s offering and provide you with a differentiator in the marketplace.  Forward-thinking communities understand that wellness programs will be a “must have” in the next 5 years. This program will keep you ahead of the curve and gives your residents’ something that enhances their life.

Brendan Weafer, Founder and CEO

A few years after retiring from his professional fight career competing on the world’s biggest stages, Brendan decided to leave his consumer-facing gym business to found B-well consulting in order to expand the reach of his impact to a wider demographic providing services to corporations.  Shortly after Brendan began getting traction and consulting for a mid-size pharmaceutical company, providing a digital wellness curriculum. In early 2016, Brendan also accepted a more significant consulting position at a large hedge fund where he had been consulting for a few years. There he developed group classes, private programming for the partners of the firm, and performed an operational role managing the gym facility, while he was forming Workweek Wellness.  In February 2017, Brendan launched Workweek Wellness, a fully scalable, white-labeled, content-driven platform designed to improve the lives of people in corporate environments. After spending a year in NYU’s EdTech program and finding traction with Workweek Wellness Brendan then decided to launch a wellness company geared towards active seniors called Venerable Wellness. The mission of Venerable Wellness is to help retirees increase the quality of their life and prolong their longevity by improving their personal wellness effort.  

Our Team

  • Vladimir Kirichenko
    Vladimir Kirichenko COO

    At VW he combines his personal passion for wellness, health and improving seniors health with his experience working in scaling and problem-solving.

  • Cari Ann Bulzone
    Cari Ann Bulzone Psychologist

    Cari Ann is an executive-level leader in therapy with over 15 years of experience guiding families, athletes, and individuals through all seasons of life, a tested and effective psychotherapist.

  • Glen Tobias
    Glen Tobias Nutritionist

    Glen’s holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Nutrition from New York University, being a board-certified specialist, with 25 years.  Glen is currently the nutritionist for the Boston Red Sox (MLB baseball team).

  • Anna Padilla
    Anna Padilla Physical Therapist

    Anna is a very skilled doctor of Physical Therapy who specializes in working with seniors and people with disabilities.


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