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A well-rounded experience is vital in learning new LIFESTYLE HABITS, creating a winning formula for health and wellness.

The New Way to Age

Our mission is to create communities consisting of healthy, happy and active seniors.


Venerable Wellness provides a customized curriculum to suit the needs of seniors of all abilities, delivered directly to one’s smartphone.


Users receive daily information from leaders in the medical community, as well as top psychologists, elite fitness professionals, meditation coaches and board-certified nutritionists.


We are with you every step of the way. Being mindful of fitness, nutrition, stress reduction, and sleep patterns can be easier than you think.  Let us help!



Venerable Wellness aims to enhance the quality of life for all seniors by delivering fun, engaging, easy-to-use content that can be used anywhere and at anytime.



Venerable Wellness provides you with the tools and knowledge in order to maintain your optimal health and wellbeing. Effective creating long-term change.


  • "I had been a runner for years and had developed back/hip problems...  At one point the doctors had begun to mention surgery. Their program has corrected my issue and now I focus on strength to stay healthy and avoid future problems.  While this regimen covers the whole body, in particular, I've concentrated on my hip and lower back area. I could feel the difference in my strength and credit this program with keeping me healthy. ”

    Jo Ann- 73
    Jo Ann- 73 Retired Senior
  • “This team has made me both stronger and faster and has helped increase my endurance by at least 50%. Thanks to them, I can out-hike, out-bike and out-walk people more than half my age.”

    Margie- 76
    Margie- 76 World Travler


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